Oh, the sandbox. One of the best nature-made toys. When it comes to scooping, sifting, molding, sand and code are wonderfully similar. Digging into either one of them, you feel how every amazing thing you can imagine is right at your fingertips. In our office, you’ll find an actual adult-size sandbox in the common area and a few small ones in the meeting rooms. This playful vibe is here to remind you that when you truly #lovewhatyoudo, you can chill and work at the same time.  

Don’t feel like building sand castles today? Check out the swing set. Swinging doesn’t have much in common with coding but if you find a deeply philosophical connection between these activities, let us know immediately! Remember, though, #nobullshit!

If you’re really into your job and really not into office politics, this is the place for you. Sandbx takes good care of its team and #fairplay all the way:

We are looking for people who love what they do and are good at it. During the hiring process, you’ll discover that being able to fit into our company culture is equally important. We cherish our laid-back, easy-going atmosphere and stay away from office drama. Our alphabet soup C-level title holders are down to earth people who strongly believe in flat management.

We hope to welcome you aboard soon!

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